in my free time I love to work on projects of various kind. Usually the projects I work on involve CAD design, computer-aided manufacturing, coding, electronics design and manufacturing.

In the following some of the most interesting projects are listed and briefly descripted.


Aura is a lightweight ice-climbing tool that my friend Ugo Malguzzi and I designed and built from scratch. The tool is optimized in its shape and material choices in order to minimize weight while improving ergonomics.

The project involved 3D design in CAD software, manufacturing of the components, assembly and bench testing. Components used are: T6 tempered ergal, 4×4 twill carbon fiber, and tempered martensinic stainless steel.

Actually the tool is being tested by a professional ice climber.


lc-f1 is the first CNC mill that I built. It is built starting from steel bars, linear rails, ball screws and few other components.

The mill is actually being used to create wood, plastic, carbon fiber, aluminum and steel parts for other projects or under commission.


lc-sla2 is a resin 3D printed that I built. The printer works using directed UV light to selectively cure photosensitive resin in the desired shape.

The project involved designing the structure and the electronics, manufacturing of the components, assembly and tuning.

The printer is actually being used to produce small and high-precision components for other projects.


bern is a quadcopter for avalanche rescue operations. The quadcopter is equipped with an ARTVA receiver, that is used to identify and localize people buried under the snow. The use of the quadcopter can be beneficial to improve the speed of the operations, potentially saving lives. The project has stopped temporarily due to lack of time.